Michigan Prisons Working to Lower Phone Call Rates for Inmates
Upon the recent FCC decision to reduce the rates of phone calls for jails and prisons, the Michigan Department of Corrections has announced plans to follow suit. Reports indicate that the MDC is currently researching a plan to lower the cost of inmate phone calls to see just how it will affect the d…
Michigan Has More Juvenile Lifers in Prison Than Any Other State
Michigan reportedly has more juvenile lifers rotting away prison than in any other state in the nation. Unfortunately, a recent court ruling has resulted in around 180 inmates, who were sentenced when they were age 17-years or younger, that are destined to spend the rest of their lives behind bars f…
MI Prisoners Fed Rat Leftovers
Michigan has to be one of the worst place in the United States to spend time in prison. In addition to a plethora of controversial cases involving Aramark Correctional Services in 2014, a new report indicates the food service provider has been feeding inmates food chewed on by rats.
Michigan Considering Revamping Parole Policies
The state of Michigan is wasting a substantial amount of money keeping people in prison; funds that could be partially used to improve education and road conditions. According to a recent report in The Detroit Free Press, the Michigan Department of Corrections spends around 20 percent of its general…
MI Lady-Prisons are Hardcore
Women’s prisons in Michigan are being accused of mistreating mentally ill inmates by forcing them to go days without food and water, as well as subjecting prisoners to cruel and unusual punishment, according to a report from the American Civil Liberties Union of Michigan.

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