Most Michiganders are in trouble if the zombie apocalypse starts.

Here is a fun fact, approximately 10% of Americans believe that we will one day see a zombie apocalypse. If that happens, folks in Michigan might have a big struggle ahead of them.

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If the zombie apocalypse happens, some states are safer than others according to a recent list provided by All 50 states were ranked in their preparedness level through the use of Google searches and a survey of 1,000 Americans. When it comes to Michigan, it doesn't seem like most people will stand a chance.

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So where does Michigan fall on this list of 'States Most Prepared for a Zombie Apocalypse?' You would think with the abundant natural resources, unique landscape, and other factors, Michigan would be pretty prepared. Not so much. Michigan was ranked number 42 on the list.

According to the list, here are the top ten and last ten states to live in during a zombie apocalypse.

  • Top Ten Most Prepared States:
    1. Wyoming
    2. Alaska
    3. Vermont
    4. North Dakota
    5. South Dakota
    6. Delaware
    7. Montana
    8. Rhode Island
    9. Hawaii
    10. Maine
  • Worst Ten Prepared States
    • #41 - North Carolina
    • #42 - Michigan
    • #43 - Georgia
    • #44 - Ohio
    • #45 - Illinois
    • #46 - Pennsylvania
    • #47 - New York
    • #48 - Florida
    • #49 - Texas
    • #50 - California

To see all of the reasons and everything else you need to know about what could happen in the zombie apocalypse, click here. 

Even though Michigan is ranked low, I feel I will be okay when the time comes. I know exactly where I plan to go, plus, I've seen every season of 'The Walking Dead' so I must be an expert by now.


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