Located in Michigan's Upper Peninsula, this hidden gem restaurant now serves an Avocado Bacon Burger...and it looks amazing.

Look, I'm not one to write about burgers very often but when you find a place that serves an Avocado Bacon Burger, you have to talk about it.

I'm sure other restaurants in Michigan serve some sort of avocado burger, but there is something different that makes this one so special. The burger is being served at Snow's Bar & Grill in Cedarville. This bar & grill sits in the Upper Peninsula and offers the best up-north vibes. Not to mention, they have some of the coolest Sasquatch merch.

Snow's Bar & Grill recently posted on Facebook to share the newest addition to their menu. They now offer an Avocado Bacon Burger: a hand-pattied burger topped with fresh avocado slices, crispy bacon, their creole mayo, and cheddar cheese.

While bar hopping in Michigan's Upper Peninsula last summer, we somehow ended up at Snow's and instantly fell in love. It's a true U.P. hidden gem.

I've said it before and I'll say it again: on your next visit to Snow's Bar & Grill, you must try their deep-fried mushrooms. They just may be the best on the planet. They also serve what they call the Hangover Burger, which really seems to do the trick.

Where is Snow's Bar & Grill Located?

Snows Bar & Grill is roughly a 30-minute drive just northeast of the Mackinac Bridge.

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