If there is a taco and tequila god - this event will not be canceled.

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The 2nd annual Michigan Taco Fest in Lake Orion is scheduled for Thursday, August 19th through Sunday, August 22nd. This four day event is filled with tacos (duh), tequila, cervezas, and even wine. Even better, it is super cheap to attend, tickets are only $5 dollars in advance and $7 dollars at the gate. Veterans and active duty members get in free, with proper military ID. Kids 5 years of age and under get in free as well. Taking a kid(s) to this event honestly does not sound like fun to me - but that is entirely up to you.

The event is held on the grounds of Canterbury Village, located behind the King’s Court Castle. Live entertainment is also a big part of the festival including Lucha Lubre Wrestling, Mariachi bands, and more.

As far as the tacos go, there will be over 15 taco vendors including,

Again, that is just a handful of the vendors that will be on site. You can see the complete list here. As far as types of tequilas, wine, beers, and cocktails being served - click here to see the list of choices. Trust me, it a good one!

Start planning now for this awesome event. Rally your friends, book a babysitter and definitely find or hire a designated driver. I look forward to seeing you (and drinking tequila with you) at the Michigan Taco Fest.

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