Ha! And your parents said you couldn't get ahead in life if you didn't get off the couch!

I have news mom and dad.

According to MLive.com, Northwood University, in Midland, will be offering scholarships to start with this fall's semester, for students who play on their video-game ESports team. The scholarships this fall won't be a full ride, but - this is only the beginning. This spring, they'll start construction on their 2,000 square foot gaming center.

And of course, if you have a team, you need a coach - so they're taking applications for one now. This will be a full time position (with benefits) According to the application - If chosen, the Northwood ESports head coach will have to (among other responsibilities):

"Be responsible for maintaining and monitoring all ESports equipment and facilities" (how handy are you with that compressed gas keyboard dust remover?)

"Recruit and meet roster goals" (you'll be visiting a lot of basements)

"Have the 'ability to lift and move objects up to 50 pounds'" (couches are heavy)

Good luck athletes. May your fingers be nimble and your scores be high!

Go Timberwolves!






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