Monroe, Michigan is about to get its freak on 365 days a year with a new horror museum that is expected to open soon.

Local filmmaker, Nate Thompson has been working really hard behind the scenes on what he calls a "truly terrifying museum" that is coming soon to downtown Monroe.

The Michigan Museum of Horror will be a year-round two-story horror museum, the first of its kind in Michigan. The museum will showcase the spookiest collections from around the world including real skulls and skeletons, wet specimens, funeral Items, and more.

I'll be honest, I had to look up "wet specimens." Wet specimens are samples of biological tissue that have been preserved with a fixative and then stored in a permanent liquid solution in a jar or other receptacle.

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Nate Thompson talked with MLive about some of the freaky things that you can expect from The Michigan Museum of Horror.

We’ll have real skulls, funeral items, wet specimens, horror art, fortune telling, embalming tables you can take selfies on, and a lot more. We also plan to have a History of Dolls Exhibit (dating back to the late 1800s), a Season of The Witch exhibit, and a few other special surprises, including a witch offering cleansing services for anyone that’s afraid they may take bad energy home with them.

When Will The Michigan Museum of Horror Open?

The exact date hasn't been announced yet, but Thompson says the museum will be open by Halloween of this year.

Nate Thompson is also the guy that we told you about earlier this year that is expected to open the year-round town of horrors at Michigan’s Old West Stagecoach Stop at Irish Hills. While it's still in the works, it probably won't open until sometime next year.

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