I'm not going to lie, I'm kind of interested to see what the results are when you Google this. Before I do, I'm just going to guess that the first result is the picture of a bro-dude wearing Post Malone Crocs saying, "Everyday, bro." I should probably give you some context before I get too deep on this thing...

AT&T just released a list of the most Googled "Should I ____" questions by state. So, essentially, these results give us a snapshot of whatever question the state's residents are the most on the fence about. It's a fairly interesting peek into what issues are weighing most heavily on the people of this country.

Now, most states had a lot of reasonable results like "Should I vote?" or "Should I diet?" Michigan, on the other hand, seems most concerned with a much more ridiculous, yet emblematic of the times question. Along with Indiana, the only other state to have this search result top their list, our most Googled question was:

"Should I vape?"

That's right! Michiganders are all about that vape. I'm guessing, this is due to the curiosity of the younger generation. A recent report says that teen vaping is up 78% from last year... and that's just the kids who were willing to admit it. There have been a few local stories about kids getting busted for vaping in school. Hell, they caught a kid vaping on my daughter's school bus a few weeks ago and she's in middle school! It's really getting out of hand.

It's not great that our kids are joining Vape Naysh by the thousands, but at least we're doing better than Virginia, whose top result was "Should I nap?" Of course, you should nap, dumbasses.

By the way, this article is the top result I got when Googling "Should I vape?" It's not as funny as I hoped it would be.

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