Do you live in Michigan's most obese city?

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If you live in Genesee County or Lapeer County - you are marked safe from living in Michigan's most obese city. If you live in Saginaw County, you do live in Michigan's most obese city. Do you have any guesses as to exactly what Michigan city did get the not-so-prestigious honor?

Without further ado, Saginaw is Michigan's most obese city. Don't shoot the messenger. According to 247wallst, 41.7% of adults in Saginaw are obese. The report also included the following results,

  • Saginaw adults with diabetes: 11.1%
  • Saginaw adults who don't exercise: 27.1%
  • Saginaw adults who report poor or fair health: 20.1%

I am no doctor but those numbers just don't seem that high to me. Am I way off in thinking that? Nonetheless, it is what it is. Just to be clear, I understand that not everyone who lives in Saginaw is overweight or unhealthy. The three of you know who you are - just kidding!

To be fair there are so many great spots to eat in Saginaw like the new I Heart Mac & Cheese on State Street and next month Dick's Last Resort will be opening on Gratiot Road. The food options are endless and you know what - you only live once. Are you going to enjoy every last bite of life, or eat lettuce? The decision is yours - you do you!

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