Michigans Unemployment website crashed for a few hours yesterday as the state experienced an overwhelming amount of traffic on their website.

Thousand of people tried to apply for the federal benefits yesterday as more people have become eligible again after the recent green light on unemployment benefits. 

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This isn't the first time the state has had issues with its unemployment website. Back in April 2020, we saw the same thing, but this time around the number of people applying for unemployment benefits in the first hour has set a new bar.

Reports show that 340,000 attempted log-ins occurred within an hour on Monday, which resulted in the site crashing. Before, the largest log-in attempt was 45,000 in one hour. Who could've been prepared for such a drastic change!? Could this be an ominous glimpse at the current condition of the economy in Michigan? Will we see a decrease in these numbers over the next couple of months? With local businesses now getting the green light to re-open, we can only hope.

Now the site is up and running and state workers have made the necessary upgrades to servers to keep up with the thousands of new log-ins.


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