Now that all votes have been cast and voices heard, we now know the Answer to the question "Who is Mid-Michigan's Favorite Tattoo Artist?"

After receiving just shy of 5,000 nominations, and almost 13,000 votes, we heard you loud and clear.

Mid-Michigan's Favorite Tattoo Artist is Preston Evans of Expressions Body Art Studio in Lansing! You can check out some of his work below:


Here's how the Top 10 shook out after the final round of voting concluded:

  1. Preston Evans - Expressions Body Art Studio - Lansing
  2. Andy Kurth - Electric Chair Tattoo - Clio
  3. Shawn Farr - Ink Therapy - Lansing
  4. Cody Reed - ISM Studios - Saginaw
  5. Jesse Vickers - Jesse Vickers Tattoos - Grand Blanc
  6. Al Farber - Acid Works Tattoo - Mt. Morris
  7. Nick Selley - Sterling Tattoo Company - Davison
  8. Mike Farber - Electric Chair Tattoo - Clio
  9. Donny Morrrison - Studio 42 Tattoo - Flint
  10. Jarad Forster - Origins Tattoo & Piercing - Flint Township

Congratulations to Preston, and all of the artists that participated. We wish that everyone could win, but this is your party -- we just hosted it.

The downside of competitions like this is that there's only ever one winner, and sometimes it gets ugly on social media. That's pretty much everything on social media these days. If you can find a way to tune out the negative, you'll see that regardless of who won and lost, there are some really phenomenal artists here. Hell, there were a lot of great artists you guys nominated that didn't even make the top 20, let alone the finals.

The point is that tattoo artists specialize in all kinds of different styles and techniques, and you should always do your own research when committing to ink you'll be wearing the rest of your life. According to your votes and the feedback we received during the nomination period, these artists' portfolios are a great place to start browsing next time you're planning a tattoo.

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