Everyone has their favorite tattoo artist, but we're setting out to find out who is Mid-Michigan's absolute favorite. Nominate the artist who does your ink and they could take home the title, which makes your tattoos that much cooler.

A lot of people here at the office take their ink seriously. Almost everyone here has an artist that they swear by, and almost everybody has a different answer to the question, "Who does your ink?" We learned that trying to come up with a consensus on who the favorite tattoo artist is by ourselves is next to impossible -- so this is where you come in.

Despite the abundance of ink floating around this building, we're going to need you guys to chime in and help us find Mid-Michigan's Favorite Tattoo Artist. We'll accept nominations through Sunday, October 15th. The cutoff time will be midnight, so make sure you let us know who your favorite is before then. Voting to decide the winner will begin Monday, October the 16th and will last as long as it takes to find a favorite... it all depends on how many entries we get.

The Submission Period Has Ended, Voting Will Begin at 8p Monday, October 16th. Look for the link on our Facebook page.

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