We hear stories all the time about drunk drivers or we know someone that made a bad decision and got busted but it's not every day we hear about a sheriff getting nailed for operating while intoxicated.

According to WNEM, Midland County Sheriff Scott Stephenson was arrested on Nov. 16 for operating while intoxicated.

He is taking responsibility for his actions which took place after he left a deer camp in Kalkaska County. He got in his car and left the camp to try and get better cell service, that's when he realized he was too buzzed to be driving. He says he pulled over and tried to call someone to pick him up.

Apparently, a passerby called the Kalkaska County Sheriff’s Office and a deputy responded to the scene. He was then arrested for operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated.

Stephenson had this to say:

“On Nov. 16 I failed to hold myself to the standards to which I have set for myself. I am embarrassed, ashamed and deeply regret the decision to consume alcohol and drive. My poor decision affects not only myself but my family, the Midland County Sherriff’s Office, and my constituents. I will accept full responsibility for my decision that day. No one else is responsible.”

It sucks that this happened but it's nice to see he's owning up to what he did. I know people will say "he's owning up to it because he got caught." At least he's taking responsibility for his actions.


Source: WNEM

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