Thanks to a Facebook post from my friend and loyal Banana listener Erika Klinert, I found out there is a new restaurant coming to Flint.

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Say hello to Mimi's Cuban Bakery & Cafe. Mimi's is located on Dort Highway, just before Lapeer Road. If I remember right (and I might not) the building was home to a former Subway location, and chances are something else after that.

Unfortunately, when I stopped by Mimi's to take a picture of the new sign, there was no one there to talk to about an opening date, but I have heard through the grapevine (Facebook) that Mimi's is supposed to open next month.

I could definitely tell that people have been working on the building though. The windows are covered with pictures of Cuban food, and the building itself looks bright and clean.

Other than a Cuban sandwich, I am not super familiar with Cuban food. I am anxious to try more and and learn more about it. From Flan from the bakery to Cuban Rice and Beans, I am down to clown.

If you are involved with Mimi's Cuban Bakery and Cafe in any way shape or form, please reach out to me so I can update this article with additional details. I have my eyes on you Mimi's and I am looking forward to your grand opening!

Shout out again to Erika for posting about Mimi's on social media. I am always happy to spotlight a new business in our area.

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