While she may not have won the title of Miss USA 2012 in the controversial pageant, Miss Michigan Kristen Danyal still made us proud by pounding Ketel One at an afterparty. You've represented us well Miss Michigan.

While some are claiming that good old Donny Trump may have had the fix in on this year's Miss USA pageant, there's at least one contestant who took her loss in stride. Danyal made it to the semi-finals but ultimately lost to Miss Rhode Island, Olivia Culpo. TMZ reports that instead of crying herself to sleep, Danyal hit LAVO Nightclub after the pageant loss to relax, blow off some steam and, most importantly, chug vodka! Head over to TMZ to check out their exclusive pics of Miss Michigan throwing down.

Apparently the contestants are under strict conduct rules leading up to and during the Miss USA pageant, so it makes sense that a Michigander would head straight to the bar once that nightmare is over with. Congratulations Miss Michigan, from now on your title will make us think of a hot chick chugging vodka instead of a dated masturbation reference...although you inspire us in that department as well.