A mother in St. Louis, Missouri is suing a day care after a video surfaced in 2016 of teachers encouraging children to fight including the woman's 4-year-old son.

According to ABCNews, Nicole Merseal said her then 4-year-old son was encouraged by his teachers, Mickala Guliford and Tena Dailey at the Adventure Learning Center to fight another child.

While I was watching the news this morning on CNN, the mother was talking about how her older sons were also at the day care and witnessed their little brother getting beat up. When the teachers didn't stop the fighting one of her sons grabbed an iPad and recorded the incident.

The kids weren't even in their own classroom, the teachers took them down to a lower part of the building to fight (thus, the fight club reference). The teachers said they took them down there because of a broken heating system on the other floors. They also said they had the fights because the kids were bored. Thank God, these nutbag teachers were fired.

Don't try and justify what happened simply because the kids were wearing Hulk hands, that just doesn't fly. I know some people say that.

I'm not why this story is surfacing only now and getting so much publicity.

Merseal is also seeking $25,000 in damages in her civil suit against the facility.

Source: ABCNews & ABC11