I have to say, I have the best neighbors at Fox Hill Glens Apartments in Grand Blanc. Recently, I carved some pumpkins with my daughter and they were proudly displayed on the patio. We put them on the ledge for all to see.

After putting the new jack-o-lanterns on display, I thought nothing more of it. Upon a long Saturday and being away from my apartment all day, I came home to find something awesome. There was a note stuck in my door. Normally, I freakout at the sight of that and start wondering what service is getting shut-off. Yea, that's how I roll.

Upon closer inspection, I noticed that it was from one of my neighbors below me. The note read,

Unfortunately, because of the high winds we had today, your pumpkins jumped to their death and landed on our patio.  We took care of the remains for you and laid them to rest. Take this money and go get your daughter a new pumpkin to carve. Happy Halloween!

So again, I have the best neighbors ever! Just another day "Living with Monroe."

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