If you are not making this pilgrimage to the Sonic Temple Music Festival this year, don't worry, you still have something awesome to do.

If you are a nerd like me, you are excited for this weekend. There are a lot of different comic con shows in Michigan throughout the year, but my favorite has to be Motor City Comic Con in Novi. It is a massive show and always has a lot of great guests and attractions and this year it is even bigger. If you were in attendance last year, you know they were working on a brand new building to add to the show. I can't wait to see how it turned out.

This year's guest include:

  1. Alanna Masterston - "Tara" on 'The Walking Dead'
  2. Barry Williams - "Greg Brady"
  3. Benjamin Byron Davis - 'Red Dead Redemption,' 'Ant-Man and the Wasp,' and 'The BELKO Experiment.'
  4. Brandon Routh - 'Superman Returns' 'Legends of Tomorrow'
  5. Brian Baumgartner - "Kevin Malone" on 'The Office'
  6. Charlie Hunnam - "Jax" on 'Sons of Anarchy'
  7. Elizabeth Berkley - "Jessie Spano" on 'Saved By The Bell'
  8. George Takei
  9. Henry Winkler
  10. John Cleese
  11. Kristian Nairn
  12. Leslie Baker
  13. Lori Petty
  14. Lou Ferrigno
  15. Pauly Shore
  16. Mark-Paul Gosselar
  17. Shawn Michaels, and so many more.

This is a great show to take the family to. For more information, click here.