Juliette, Londynn, and Emmerson are absolutely the stars of this show, and Mr. D. ties it all together with these hilarious kid interviews at the Michigan Science Center.

You Remember Mr. D., Right?

Joe Dombrowski is the former elementary school teacher from Royal Oak who tickled our hearts a few years ago by pranking his fourth-grade students with a spelling test chock full of goofy, made-up words. It was an April Fool's Day prank that went viral and launched Mr. D.'s career as a stand-up comic.

OK, now you remember.

Mr. D. is Back With a New Series

Dombrowski's silly sense of humor pairs nicely with kids and it shines bright in a new online video series called 'Tattle Tales.

The former teacher hits the Motor City this time, talking to three kids at the Michigan Science Center.

Mr. D kid interviews
Joe Dombrowski via YouTube

Londynn, Emmerson, and Juliette (or is it 'Julia?') are Dombrowski's guests, talking about music video games, and more.

Mr. D. Gets Schooled

Try as he might, Mr. D. is unable to convince Juliette that her name is actually Julia Child, a famous chef born in 1912 and credited with bringing French cuisine to America.

"Oh you meant by me as a child?" Juliette says as she tries to convince the host of her real name.

Seven-year-old Londynn fares a little better, correctly finishing song lyrics by Madonna and Carly Rae Jepsen.

And then there's Emmerson who schools Dombrowski on the video game Minecraft and how we used to talk to people on the phone "in the olden days."


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