Just when you start to think things are getting better in Flint with the water crisis, we get this.

Water testing in late 2017 revealed that four schools along with care facilities in Flint had elevated levels of lead in their water. According to NBC 25, the Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs and the Department of Environmental Quality tested water at 63 of 78 schools, daycare centers, and elder care facilities in the city and they found that 98.5 percent of locations sampled were at or below the 15 parts per billion federal threshold for lead.

I want to say that I'm in shock over this but honestly, I'm not all that surprised. Are you? It just feels like another blow to Flint residents.

Those that tested at about the threshold level: New Standard Academy, St. John Vianney School, Summerfield Community School and the Michigan School for the Deaf.

The investigations will continue.

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