Metallica are the most commercially successful and genre-defining metal act in history, and it seems like every musician has talked about the band at least once.

James Hetfield is definitely one of the best guitar players to have ever walked this Earth,” Ghost mastermind Tobias Forge said in an episode of Loudwire’s Gear Factor. “Even though I sort of know theoretically how to play ‘Master of Puppets,’ it’s impossible to play it in down strokes the way that he does start to finish for seven minutes. It’s truly mind blowing.”

Did you know that Gojira’s Joe Duplantier met his wife because of Metallica? When Gojira were on tour with ‘Tallica in Europe, Joe went to a bar in Lithuania with Lars Ulrich. There, he just happened to meet the future mother of his kids. "I think it's a beautiful story, I tell my kids all the time... Lars is practically their Godfather," he told Loudwire Nights. "And he knows, 'Without you, I wouldn't have met my wife, I wouldn't have my kids right now.' Because he's the one who told us to meet him at a bar, a specific bar, and turns out it was my wife's favorite place to go."

Miley Cyrus had some beautiful words for Metallica when she guested on the Howard Stern Show with the thrash legends. Live on the air, she spoke about “Nothing Else Matters” and how covering the song helped get her through her divorce before it was publicly announced.

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Musicians Talking About Metallica

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