On Sunday, many Michigan residents witnessed a grouping of mysterious lights in the sky near the Grange Hall Road exit on I-75. The lights turned out to be a drone light show from Holly Cloud Hoppers flying field.

Many drivers along that stretch of I-75 stopped to take a look and film the lights in the sky. I'm sure many people probably thought it was some sort of UFO phenomena. Tony LaBrie would have recorded the whole thing as proof of UFO's. However, it turns out that the Holly Cloud Hoppers flying field were just testing some drones.

The custom-built drones were on a test flight over the airfield at the time. I wish I would have been able to see it. I've seen a lot of drone light shows but never in person. I use to have a drone until I let my drunk friend fly it on a tubing trip. It is probably still somewhere over the Au Sable River.

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