We all know someone who refuses to get the coronavirus vaccine. Maybe that someone is you? I would get one today if I could. Put it this way, I want one so bad - I would let Chris Monroe give it to me.

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I don't need my employer to pay me to get it, I don't need any incentives, but you might. To date Dollar General and Aldi are offering their employees money if they get the vaccine. Aldi is offering employees two hours of pay for each dose they receive, totaling up to four hours. There will be compensation for salaried workers as well. Dollar General is shelling out four hours pay for their employees who get vaccinated.

If you are one hundred percent against getting the vaccine, I don't think four hours pay will change your mind. So that is the question I ask you - is there a dollar amount that would convince you to be vaccinated? Everyone has a price, what is yours?

Like I said, I would and will get the vaccine - no payment required. That being said, I know plenty of people that would change their tune about the vaccine, if money was involved.

On a side note, am I the only one that thinks it's funny when people who smoke, drink, eat garbage, or do drugs, refuse to get the vaccine? Even if you do one of the above, seriously - your body is already full of poison. This vaccine won't kill you (I don't think).

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