The Michigan National Action Network is demanding the Pistons drop Kid Rock from their TV ad campaign because of his history with the Confederate Flag. 

Spokesperson for the Michigan National Action Network (NAN), Sam Riddle, tells FOX 2 Detroit that they believe the team should choose someone who actually illustrates the image of Detroit and who understands the struggles of the city. Riddle believes that Kid Rock, also known by his birth name Robert Ritchie, is known for waving the Confederate Flag at his shows, and that doesn't accurately represent Detroit's cultural make up saying "If you're going to have an entertainer, have an entertainer who doesn't have a history of waving the Confederate Flag", and to "Reflect the real Detroit, where 85 percent of the population is black.". He goes on to suggest using a couple rappers from Detroit or Anita Baker who according to Riddle "goes to all of the Piston games.".

NAN, an organization founded by Reverend Al Sharpton in 1991, has demanded a meeting with Pistons executives. FOX 2 Detroit reports that they've reached out to representatives of both the Pistons and Kid Rock, and have not received a comment from either.


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