The Girl Scouts announced a new cookie flavor this year called Adventurefuls, and for right now they're only available in the Saginaw area.

If you're not in the Saginaw area, don't freak out! The Adventurefuls will be available everywhere early in 2022. The reason the Saginaw region is able to sell them early is that they started their cookie-selling season early this year. It's proving to be a good decision as some troops have already sold out of the new cookie.

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So what is the new Adventurefuls cookie all about?

The idea behind the Adventurfuls cookie is to help remind both girl scouts, and cookie lovers alike to get out and adventure. The cookie is already proving to be a crowd favorite, and after reading the description from the Girl Scouts site, it's easy to understand why.

An indulgent brownie-inspired cookie with caramel-flavored crème and a hint of sea salt

Jordan Brown is the Girl Scouts Communication Specialist, and she told MidMichiganNow exactly what it means to have such a successful launch in Saginaw.

I think it just highlights the Saginaw Region to show that we’re the first that get to do this, people get to experience it first, just to show people that with the girls are doing here and how amazing they are at selling their cookies and starting their cookie business


I'm not trying to rub this in at all, but I have never felt so lucky to live near Saginaw!

I know we'll all be inundated with co-workers, neighbors, and relatives pushing Girl Scout Cookies soon. That is not stopping me from driving up to Saginaw to pick up a box of the new Adventurefuls.

When the rest of Michigan starts to sell cookies, you know I'll be picking up a box or 4 of the usuals. For now, you can order cookies online or enter your location into the Girl Scout Cookie Finder here to locate the cookie you have been craving.

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