New baby arrivals at the two big zoos in this part of Michigan will have you going "awwwww, that cute".

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A colobus monkey was born at Binder Park Zoo on June 26. For those keeping score, it's an eastern black and white colobus, or Colobus guereza, This is the third offspring of parents Usi and Nairobi. Another colubus monkey, Freddie, was born two years ago, and a female born last year did not survive.

Kelsey Dibble is the Collection Supervisor at Binder Park Zoo and she says, “Colobus babies are born with their eyes open and a very strong grip, which is crucial to their survival since they are an arboreal primate species, primarily living high up in the trees. Other than observing and providing basic care, we take a hands-off approach to encourage the troop to bond with and care for the infant just as it would in the wild. So far, the troop is doing exactly that.”

More baby news from Grand Rapids, where John Ball Zoo announced an adoption, a Mini Highland Calf, donated by a local Michigan farm, 2 Men & A Hen. After a "name the new calf contest, this one will be known as "Pumpkin".

Pumpkin was born on June 21st and arrived at the Zoo on July 12th. Pumpkin is being quarantined until mid-August when he will join the zoo’s goats and sheep in Red’s Hobby Farm.

John Ball Zoo says "Pumpkin is a Miniature Highland Cow. The breed was developed in Scotland and is now found worldwide. His diet will consist of hay, grain, and grasses, but for now, Pumpkin is also receiving bottle feedings until he is old enough to be weaned."

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