If there's one thing Flint and surrounding areas are lacking its healthy options. When you're on the go it's really hard to find a place that offers true healthy options. Well, that is about to change this fall when 810 Wellness Bar opens its doors.

Tiffany Renee Coleman, a personal fitness trainer is making her dreams a reality when she opens the 810 Wellness Bar which will offer a variety of juices, smoothies, acai bowls and wellness shots.

This is something that Tiffany's been working on for a while

Tiffany Renee Coleman:

No one really knew this was coming too much, besides a few people. I didn’t really tell anyone because I knew what it’s like when you have a dream and you have people, like crushing your dreams and saying bad stuff over it. I didn’t even tell most of the people in my family. They found out on social media, just like everybody else on social media found out.

According to MLive, Coleman is a Flint native but currently resides in the Atlanta area and plans to travel back and forth to Flint as the juice bar gears up to open. She will also have a team to operate the business under her leadership.

Where will 810 Wellness Bar be located?

810 Wellness Bar will be located in the Valley Plaza at 4225 Miller Road, Suite B 7. It will be in the old Hair Team building.

I just love her passion for wanting healthier options for the community.

I want to be able to have other healthier choices for Flint, because a lot of the time in Black communities, all you see is corner stores with bad food. There’s never any healthy grocery stores, any juicing spots.

Coleman says 810 Wellness Bar will be a space of positivity that uplifts you. She also said it's going to have a "really cool vibe."

I can't wait for it to open this fall.

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