We're sure you have heard about our new mobile app for iPhones, iPod Touches, iPads and Android phones; just in case you have been hiding under a rock, ABC-12 did an interview with our sister station Club 93.7's Program Director Clay Church. During the interview Clay and ABC-12's Terry Camp touched on the functionality, the stations you can listen to and upcoming features. Read or watch the full interview after the jump.

Terry Camp:  A new app allows you to listen to Mid-Michigan radio stations and hundreds of others around the nation. Let’s focus in now, joining us Clay Church, Program Director for 93.7 fm and of course Clay is on the air in the morning a year there. Thanks for coming on the show Clay.

Clay: No problem.

Terry Camp: The app we’re talking about, radioPup. Tell us about it.

Clay: So basically radioPup is a way for you to take radio with you anywhere you go. And you’ll get the Mid-Michigan stations on your phone and you can listen it’s absolutely free, you can download it to you itune or android phone and take it with you and listen so it services you.

Terry Camp: Yeah just those two right now? The iPhone and Android?

Clay: iPhone and Android markets are the ones right now. It’s absolutely free.

Terry Camp: Is it? Ok.

Clay: And you can do it at radioPup.com.

Terry Camp: radioPup.com. Uh what’s the best bit about this so far?

Clay: It’s been great. So far our rating on iTunes is a five star rating, uh the first week it came out it was one of the most downloaded free radio apps out there, and uh so far people out there are loving it, i mean the people that can take their favorite radio station whether it be Club or Cars or Banana or WQUS and listen to it even when they are out of the signal strength.

Terry Camp: Yeah and you just mentioned a few of the radio stations, were all the radio stations in this area on it?

Clay: Everything’s covered. Not the radio stations that are all of them in this area but the townsquare media markets. Over one-hundred-fifty stations, any format that your looking for, top 40, Hip-Hop, Active Rock, News, Sports, Talk everything.

Terry Camp: Yeah, and again if you go anywhere in the country.

Clay: Yep

Terry Camp: give us an example so you were just talking…

Clay: Perfect example is my Mom who has always wanted to listen but she lives in Northern Michigan and couldn’t get the signal. (Terry Camp: at least that’s what she says) yeah, now she doesn’t have a reason not to, uh she plugs her phone right into her car stereo and listens on her way into work to me in the mornings so i have to watch what i say now so.

Terry Camp: That’s fantastic because a lot of people you know they go to remote areas where they are not familiar with the radio stations.

Clay: Some of the feedback that we have gotten has been from people who have to leave for the military as well and they’ll take their phone or download it onto their iPad as well because you can do it on an ipad and an itouch and they’ll listen to their favorite radio stations. Kind of a touch of home while theyre gone.

Terry Camp: Yeah. Ok and clay i gotta admit im still not the most tech savy as far as these apps go (Clay:easy) so how can someone get it again?

Clay: radioPup.com or visit your favorite radio stations website. Download it, its free it installs itself, you can click on your favorite radio station and have it ready for you at the touch of a button.

Terry Camp: Besides just playing songs, what else can radioPup do? Can it do other things?

Clay: Yep that’s one of the advantages is you can go directly, um there will be advantages coming to where you can buy the song, and any radio station contest that’s coming up you can link directly to the website of that radio station and enter that contest.

Terry Camp: Does it help with the local radio stations in the effort you know lets say against XM radio and stuff like that, with the competition you get?

Clay: Oh yeah, definitely. The goal of radio is always to be as convenient and in your face as possible and this is just another way i mean most peoples phones have become everything from their planner, to their main mode of communication, they’ve started to pay for things with their phone, so basically its just trying to be in everyone’s pocket as much as we can.

Terry Camp: And again right now two phone systems can only use it, Blackberry can…

Clay: Blackberry not yet, Android and iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch you can do it on all those.

Terry Camp: Alright sounds interesting. Clay Church thanks for coming on the show it was good seeing you.

Clay: Thank you, good seeing you.

Terry Camp: Now for more about radioPup and the radioPup app, we posted a link on abc12.com.

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