Remember how old school radio jocks used to tell you, "Don't touch that dial," it's not just empty hype. Especially to one 40 year-old man from Lake Worth, Florida named Josue Rodriguez. To Josue switching off his radio station could could put your life in danger. According to cops Rodriguez was taking a shower and listening to the radio (We don't know the station, but we assume he was streaming us live on Radiopup.) when his roommate committed the ultimate sin, he changed the station.  So Josue got out of the shower grabbed a machete and went after him with it. Josue swung the machete, but fortunately his roommate ducked just in time. He smashed the handle of the machete into his roommate's cheek. Somehow, the roommate managed to get away and call 911. Josue then tried to tell the cops he only had the machete because he was going to sleep in the woods that night and wasn't trying to attack his roommate for changing the radio station. Yeah, the cops didn't buy that, and he was arrested.

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