Sirius XM's 'The Opie & Anthony Show' are going around the map tearing apart morning shows as part of "Jocktober." Today's attack was on a competing station's morning show - CK 105's 'Mike & Stephanie in the Morning.'

Holy s---! Are we glad that these guys decided to roll on 105. I don't think any of us at Banana would survive a character assassination of this level... especially one aired to a national audience. Apparently, the folks over at CK aren't taking it too well - their Facebook page is shut down currently.

If you live in Flint, you are well aware of that station's shortcomings (if not, I'm sorry you have terrible taste). They actually used to be the rock station here in town, before they transformed into the Bieber-spewing turd machine they are today.

Not only do the guys rip into the morning show, they also take a few shots at Flint itself, saying "Do they give away nooses in the morning?" and "God can't like you if he makes you do radio in Flint, Michigan. "We're used to people bashing Flint, at least these dudes are funny about it. Thanks for taking on the competition (and not us), guys!

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