A recent poll conducted by Yahooh News/Marist shows where parents stand on not only smoking Marijuana but also if they do it in front of, or even with their kids.

Basically when you break down the poll, it looks like this:

Out of the 1,122 Americans surveyed, 52% have tried marijuana and 54% of marijuana users are parents, the poll indicates.

Nearly half (47%) of user parents say they have consumed marijuana in front of their children, shared it with them or have done both.

The entire poll is very interesting and can be found here.

Some people will complain that it's wrong to smoke weed in front of their kids, yet it's okay to totally get drunk in front of them? Others believe that 100% sober parenting is the way to go (honestly, that's probably the best scenario, lol). There's so many different variations with these opinions.

I don't know if I really have a strong opinion about this. All I can say is, no matter what you're doing, always have best interest of your kids in mind. Try to set a great example and be the best parent you can be. Sure you can still drink and smoke, just be responsible and smart about it.

Source: WDIV and Yahoo News


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