Could Michigan be a hot spot for the abortion industry? A recent survey conducted by The Associated Press finds that while abortions are down in nearly every state across the nation, Michigan has experienced a boon in this controversial procedure – an 18.5 percent increase in less than five years.

In 2014, nearly 28,000 abortions were performed in Michigan – considerably fewer unwanted babies than the total population of Flint, but still a hell of a lot of promiscuous women with no interest in getting child support!

Some believe the passing of aggressive legislation outlawing abortions is at the root of the overall decline, while others say there isn’t actually much of a decrease, but rather, women are just being forced to travel to more liberal states to have the procedure.

The likelihood of this being true is certainly worth considering. After all, imposing laws that prohibit certain actions does not necessarily eliminate the problem – in most cases, it doesn’t at all.

The report shows Michigan’s abortion influx could be due to women coming in from neighboring states, where a number of abortion clinics have been forced to shut down. There is also an argument for advertising. Several Michigan clinics specializing in abortions have been soliciting services to customers in both Ohio and Indiana.

Family planning experts say the increase was caused by a lack of funding for programs teaching people how not to get pregnant.

Rumor has it Michigan lawmakers are now trying to determine just how much money is would cost the state to teach men how to pull out.

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