Get ready for a massive amount of online bitching. Actually, from what I saw on Facebook this morning, it has already started. The Michigan Department of Health and Human Services has announced some new ground rules that limit the amount of people at non-residential gatherings, requires restaurants to track customers, and restricts the number of diners at a particular table.

First of all, who cares if a restaurant or bar asks for your name and number? Think about it, you give that information already if you make a reservation somewhere, and even when you place a carry out order. Duh. Why would you not want to know if you were near someone that tested positive for the coronavirus?

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The only reason I can think of as to why someone would not want to give their information is because they are not where they are supposed to be - as in lying. This has nothing to do with taking away your freedom. You can see the official order of restrictions below.

The new order also reduces the size of indoor gatherings (without fixed seating) to 50 people max. As far as restaurants and bars go, you can have no more than six people at one table.

This is not going to stop people from going to bars or restaurants. A bar or a restaurant is exactly where you will see and hear people complaining. I say great - at least there will still be customers in seats. That being said, be kind when when your bartender or server asks you for your name and number. They are just doing their job.

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