According to a new ranking of all 50 states -- Michigan is better than Ohio. You already knew that, but sometimes it's just nice to read things that validate your beliefs.

In this life, there are a lot of unspoken truths. Things that you don't require need proof for you to know they're true. Things like "if you knew what was in the McRib, you wouldn't eat it" or "Bono has a giant painting of himself over his bed." Another of those being "Michigan is better than Ohio." No evidence needed -- it's just a fact. You can feel it.

Well, if you're not Force-sensitive like the rest of us and do require hard scientific evidence to back your claims, I've got good news. According to U.S. News' new best state rankings, Michigan is the 37th best state in America. Now that alone is not cause for celebration, but Ohio being #40 definitely puts a little bit of polish on that turd.

The rankings weighed a number of factors -- health care, education, economy, opportunity, infrastructure, crime & corrections, fiscal stability, quality of life -- in order o see which state was top dog. Michigan ranked highest among the states in opportunity at #20, and lowest in infrastructure at #40... No surprise there.

#1 on the list was Iowa by the way... I know, right? Iowa?

Here is the top 10, along with a few other notable rankings :

1. Iowa
2. Minnesota
3. Utah
4. North Dakota
5. New Hampshire
6. Washington
7. Nebraska
8. Massachusetts
9. Vermont
10. Colorado
[click here to see full list]
37. Michigan
40. Ohio
50. Louisiana

So there you have it. Michigan > Ohio confirmed. Suck on that, Buckeyes.

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