If there's one topic that really gets me pissed off and fired up, this is it. Distracted driving is way out of control and a recent study proves it.

According to WZZM, a recent study shows that many parents still use their hand-held devices while driving, even with their children in the car. Researchers found that about half of parents talked on a cell phone while driving, while one in three read text messages and one in seven used social media.

I can cut some slack when it comes to talking on the phone while driving because you can at least keep your eyes on the road. You're still a bit distracted but not even close to those that have their faces buried in their phones while driving. I cut no slack to those that read and type messages while driving, it's one thing to risk your life and others on the road, it's another to clearly put your children at risk as well. I also cut no slack and think you're a piece of crap if you seriously think that checking your social media pages is a must while you're driving. I mean, what in the hell are you freaking thinking? It amazes me just how little people care.

The study also shows that parents who were distracted by their phones sometimes did not buckle their children in properly. Yes, you heard that right, parents are so distracted they can't even properly buckle up their kids. This is so messed up.

If you're a working parent, I get it, you're locked into your phone more than ever as some companies expect you to be connected at all times and answer every email and text immediately. While I disagree with this 100%, its become the world we live in regardless. Our priorities need to be with our kids and their safety, not replying to that stupid email that can wait 20 minutes while you're trying to get home from work.

All of it can wait! Your texts, emails, social media crap, dick pics or whatever else you're doing...it all can wait.

I'm not innocent either, at one point in my life, I was guilty of the above but one day I woke up and realized what was more important. My kid, my life and those around me are far more important than replying to anything.

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