Happy New Year to you! It is a fresh start for us all.

This is the time of year most of us try to better ourselves. Whether it be going to the gym, eating better, or quitting smoking. Are you resolving to doing something better or resolving to quit anything in particular?

The reality is (or in my case), you won't stick to your resolution. It takes a lot of determination and time to change something. You know as well as I do, gyms all over will be much busier with new members or members who just never go until January. I am a gym member and I will be that person trying to get back into it. Will I still be going in March? I hope so, but can't be certain. Why is it so hard to stick to something that is good for us? I can say no to the gym but not to a slice of pizza? Ugh.

Whatever your goals or resolutions are, I hope you stick to them. I am certainly going to try. It seems like I said this last year too. Ugh. Happy New Year.

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