A family in Mt Morris township is in a rage after a bullet nearly hit their newborn son while he was sleeping in his room.

According to WNEM, Nathan Stevens, his wife, and a family friend were watching a movie in their living room Tuesday night at their home in Mt. Morris Township. Their 1-year-old daughter was upstairs and their newborn son was sleeping in the room next door.

Apparently, there was a couple of dudes standing in the street with shotguns. Police told Stevens, it was an accident as they were shooting at a beehive. What in the holy hell?! Shooting a beehive? With a shotgun? Christ, people are stupid.

They were arrested but eventually let go. Come on, they could have easily killed someone including the little newborn. They should be held accountable in one way or another.

According to the video below, there were several homes hit by the bullets. These beehive shooting douchebags are the luckiest guys on the planet as they could have ended up killing multiple people.