The country is still in shock over the recently exposed sexual abuse scandal at Penn State.  Childhood sexual abuse isn't an easy subject to talk about, but awareness needs to be raised.  Former NFL player Heath Evans runs a foundation that tackles the very tough issue. 


First of all, if you suspect or have been a victim of sexual abuse, tell somebody.  And if you don't feel like the issue is taken care of, tell somebody else.  If you remain quiet, the problem will just continue.  Childhood sexual abuse is giving the child a mental and emotional cancer, that will destroy their lives if not treated.  Penn State coaches and university officials stuck their heads in the sand, and children were victimized because of it.  The actions of Jerry Sandusky are evil, but the lack of action from the PSU institution enabled that evil. is a great starting place to find resources, and of course there are numerous state and local agencies to help in the process.  Whether we want to admit it or not, this problem is all too real and it's everyone's responsibility to help the people who can't help themselves.