The NFL regular season has kicked off, and as I was watching some games yesterday I was thinking about all the cool helmets and uniforms teams wore when I was a kid.

Don't get me wrong there were some really bad ones, but there were definitely some really cool looking jerseys and sweet helmets back then. The NFL does mix it up a little with a throwback weekend every so often. Nike, who took over designing the uniforms a few years ago, also does a color wave game for teams that are on Thursday Night Football. Some of those unconventional uniforms are pretty cool as well.

That being said, there ain't nothin' like the old school. Here are my five favorite old school uni's that teams should wear all the time. Enjoy.


5. Denver Broncos

The helmet makes the uni. Basic and to the point.

Sammy Winder
Getty Images Ned Bonz

4. Philadelphia Eagles

The green and grey along with the old school wing on the helmet is sweet. I loved the all the green jerseys.

Keith Jackson takes off
Getty Images Mike Powell


3. Pittsburgh Steelers

Yellow helmets is something you don't see all the time but with the combo of the uniform just looks mean. In a good and bad way.

Baltimore Ravens v Pittsburgh Steelers
Getty Images Karl Walter


2. New England Patriots

Old School helmet is sweet and the red uni's to me are clean and classic. Something you could wear just not on game days. The white ones are sick as well.

Tony Collins carries the ball
Getty Images Mike Powell


1. San Diego Chargers-(Los Angeles)

Powder blue with the bolt. Both uniform combos are so clean and look great together. They should wear these all the time.

Oakland Raiders v San Diego Chargers
Getty Images Harry How

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