Say what you want about Davison native and Boston Bruin goalie, Tim Thomas, but you can't say he forgot where he came from. Check out the details on the world champion's recent donation to a local church.



In a world of pro athletes that want to get paid to play in the Olympics, it's nice to see somebody that wants to give back.  Tim Thomas of the Boston Bruins did just that, and made a donation to the Valley Church of Christ in Burton.  Hailing from Davison, Thomas is no stranger to the tough times that many in the 810 are dealing with.  Thomas' parents sold their wedding rings to finance his hockey habit and Thomas is known to be a practicing Christian.  He gained notoriety for his pro-life comments online, and for declining an invitation to the White House.  The amount of the monetary donation is unknown, but considering he's pulling in $5,000,000 a year, it was probably a decent amount.