Even though I'm extremely out of shape these days, I'd still love to try this new Ninja Warrior style gym which just opened up over the weekend in Fenton.

The gym idea is centered around the American Ninja television series which consists of competitors attempting to complete a series of obstacle courses of increasing difficulty. Every time I watch the show, I always think to myself how much fun it would be to try something like that.

I suppose if you ever had the dream of being on American Ninja Warrior, this would be a good way to start training. I feel like I would need to go to a regular gym to work out and train before embarrassing myself at Tri-County Ninja. Yeah, I'm seriously that out of shape.

According to ABC12, Tri-County Ninja's goal is to be a very family oriented place, so they definitely want to promote themselves to families.

Tri-County Ninja is located on  N. Fenton Rd in Fenton, next to Sears Hometown Store.


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