Leave it to NOFX to write a song about Stephen Hawking one month before the iconic physicist / cosmologist died. Two days after the groundbreaking scientist passed away, NOFX shared “There’s No ‘Too Soon’ if Time Is Relative” via the Fat Wreck Chords YouTube account.

Hawking died March 14 after living with ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease) for 55 years. His writings along with his breakthrough research on radiation and black holes made Hawking a household name, allowing artists like Foo Fighters, Alice Cooper, Queen’s Brian May and more to memorialize the scientist after he died.

Turns out NOFX accidentally wrote a memorial track for Hawking. The punk veterans recorded “There’s No ‘Too Soon’ if Time Is Relative” on Feb. 10, and it doesn’t just name-drop Hawking once or twice… the entire song is a tongue-in-cheek roast of the physicist. Fat Mike spends the track wishing he could live a life as sedentary as Hawking, dropping lines like, “So lazy he could only write ‘A Brief History of Time.’”

“I bet in heaven there's a computer voice laughing its ass off,” NOFX write about the song. Fan reception to the song has been split, with some listeners calling it lazy, funnily enough. Listen to the NOFX track above and decide for yourself.

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