A best of set from Nonpoint is due out on April 5th. The release will include an acoustic version of “What a Day” and other rarities. Full details will be revealed in the coming weeks.


So I hear the track listing will look like this:

1. What A Day
2. Mindtrip
3. Endure
4. Years
5. Tribute
6. Evil Ways
7. Your Signs
8. Excessive Reaction
9. Mint
10. Across The Line (previously unreleased)
11. What A Day (Acoustic)
12. Pickle (previously unreleased)

Now after looking at the track listing, I don't think this is actually going to be a 'Greatest Hits' album. It looks like it's only going to span the early years of Nonpoint. If this is a 'Greatest Hits' release, where are "The Hits"?

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