Nonpoint made their back to Flint this past Tuesday while on tour with P.O.D., Hyro The Hero, Islander, and Nine Shrines.

This was one of the many Nonpoint performances from over the years at The Machine Shop. At this point, we consider the guys part of the Flint rock n' roll family more than anything. Never known a better bunch of guys.

The band is currently on tour in support of their 2081 album 'X' which features the songs 'Chaos and Earthquakes', and 'Fix This'.

Nonpoint stopped into the Banana studios prior to their show to perform a couple of songs acoustic including 'Fix This' and 'Breaking Skin'. I was blown away at how great Elias Soriano sounded, his voice was spot on and in my opinion, better than ever.

Below are photos from the show courtesy of Mintypics.



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