Nonpoint have arrived at their 10th studio album, aptly titled X (pronounced "ten"). The album adds 10 new songs to the band's catalog, two of which they've released simultaneously. Watch the lyric video for "Dodge Your Destiny" above and take a listen to "Chaos and Earthquakes" below.

"Dodge Your Destiny" leans further into the rock direction than the more rap-addled "Chaos and Earthquakes," though both songs are guitar-centric. The former hinges on clobbering chugs and quick-strike drum fills while the former moves freely against a steady beat and circular guitar melodies.

"Ten - I can already tell is going to become a flagship record for us," comments singer Elias Soriano. "Watching people's reactions when we play them the new music tells me that we have created something that is going to move crowds and may even redefine us. It's the year of the X."

X will be released on August 24 through Spinefarm and pre-orders are available here. Nonpoint recently wrapped up a co-headlining tour with Butcher Babies and are working on lining up their next stretch on the road which will find them supporting the new record throughout most of next year. The band's last album, The Poison Red, was released in 2016.

Nonpoint, "Chaos and Earthquakes," X Artwork + Track Listing


01. "Empty Batteries"
02. "Chaos and Earthquakes"
03. "Fix This"
04. "Crashing"
05. "Passive Aggressive"
06. "Dodge Your Destiny"
07. "Wheel Against Will"
08. "Milestone"
09. "Feel The Way I Feel"
10. "Position One"

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