We're all busy and there are not simply enough hours in the day to get it all done.

Being the head of a law enforcement agency is no different, apparently, so one Northern Michigan sheriff had an idea:  He went on Facebook and asked people to stop doing stupid stuff for a couple of months, in order to give his people a chance to catch up.

Oh, if it were only that simple.

Michael Bitnar is the sheriff of Chippewa County. His online plea began:

"Due to the overwhelming work load on our local Law Enforcement here in Chippewa County, I would ask you to please give us the opportunity to catch up. We need a few months with NO criminal activity or emergencies to respond to."

Bitnar went on to outline the time-consuming criminal activity that needs to stop:

1- Stop drinking and driving (or under the influence of drugs)
2- Stop the domestic and sexual assaults
3- Stop stealing or embezzling from your place of work
4- Stop selling drugs
5- Stop driving so fast and crashing.
6- Stop abusing our children
7- Stop bringing other peoples [sic] urine to your court ordered drug test.
He signs off on the tongue-in-cheek post by saying he's "respectfully venting."
Bitnar's post has been shared over 300 times in the first hour after it appeared on Facebook and has had a lot of comments and likes from members of the community.
We don't yet have any reaction from the criminals of Chippewa County.

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