In the spirit of shining the spotlight on rock and metal’s modern giants, Squiggy and Loudwire’s Gear Factor present the ultimate “Not Your Parents’” Top 10 Drummers Loud List!

John Bonham and Keith Moon were both gods among drummers, but if they were alive today, they’d be having their minds blown by Tomas Haake. The Meshuggah drumming colossus is metal’s master of the polyrhythm, regularly playing complex patterns with his feet while keeping a 4/4 beat steady up top. “Bleed” alone puts Haake in the drumming Hall of Fame, so you’ll see him place high on this list.

Since 2000, it can be argued that no drummer has inspired more kids to pick up sticks than Joey Jordison. Having anchored Slipknot’s gigantic sound for well over a decade, Jordison’s unpredictable and mesmerizing parts brought a level of credibility to a band that wasn’t always accepted by metal purists. Joey’s monstrous fills kept the intensity level at 11 on tracks like “Disasterpiece” and “Eyeless,” and we can’t wait to hear what he’ll commit to tape with VIMIC.

Let’s talk about Gojira’s own backbone, Mario Duplantier. He’s one of modern metal’s most inventive percussionists, composing highly technical and irregular beats to Gojira’s heavy grooves. You’ve only got to hear “The Heaviest Matter of the Universe” to become a Duplantier convert. He just doesn’t let up and his stage presence behind the kit is invigorating in itself.

Check out our Not Your Parents’ Top 10 Drummers List in the video above.

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