No specific date has been given, but Offspring will reportedly release a new album in early 2020.

The album was supposed to be released this year, but according to Offspring guitarist Noodles, the band needs a distribution deal, and artwork needs to be finished. If everything goes according to plan, the band is looking for an early 2020 release.

This will be the bands 10th studio album. I am not exactly sure what all of the members of Offspring do in their spare time, but I do know lead singer Dexter Holland has a successful hot sauce brand called Gringo Bandito. I have tried the Original Red Sauce, and I have to say it was awesome (great gift idea).

Back to the music, I got a side tracked on the sauce. Here is to hoping the band does indeed finalize everything for that early 2020 release. I for one am looking forward to hearing new Offspring, are you? I am also craving hot sauce now too.