What is better than one new Pop Evil song? Two new Pop Evil songs. The Michigan band, will realese two new tracks this Thursday, April 30th. Pop Evil broke the news via their Facebook page, with two teaser videos (see and hear below).

'Let The Chaos Reign' sounds heavy, and from the comments I read - fans are really happy about that. The other tune 'Work' sounds awesome too - and again from the comments, people are excited and ready for new PE. The band was supposed to be touring right now, but obvioulsy that is not the case.

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I am so thankful for bands that continue to perform via Facebook and/or Instagram for fans, and especially thankful for new music. Thank you Pop Evil - I can't wait to hear the full versions of these songs. We love you guys, and Hayley of course. We cannot wait to see you back on the road, and we always hope for a stop at the world famous Machine Shop.

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