An elderly couple from Stockholm Sweden, ages 81 and 71, are facing Harassment charges for trying to get even with their noisy neighbor. After hearing what they described as a "whistling sound" coming from their neighbor's property in the wee hours of the morning, on multiple occasions, the couple was done, they'd had enough. They decided to do what anyone their age would do. Fight fire with fire. And their "Quest for fire" was answered in the form of Iron Maiden tunes. The couple set two large stereo systems up in their home and aimed them directly towards the noisy neighbor and began pelting his property with Maiden classics, sometimes as late (or early) as 4 a.m. After a few months of this, and unable to endure no more, the neighbor called the police who arrived to hear the 90's Maiden cut, "Afraid to Shoot Strangers", Blasting at top volume. Personally I would have gone for the title track from that same album "Fear of the dark", which I'm sure this guy developed by the end of all this.

[Source: Gawker.Com]