This seems like a tough way to win the lottery, but good for him.

Earlier this week, 87-year-old Earl Livingston of New Jersey, decided to head to the store to purchase a lottery ticket. With the jackpot being around $1.6 billion, why wouldn't he try to win? While trying to become a billionaire overnight, Earl, unfortunately, took a tumble. His fall left him with a broken hip and a trip to the hospital.

While recovering in the hospital, Livingston decided to join the hospital lottery pool during his stay. Luckily the hospital pool ended up with a winning ticket. It wasn't the $1.6 billion they were all hoping for, but they did win $1 million. Since 141 people were in the pool, each player only walked away with about $7,000. That's way better than the nothing that I won for sure.

Hopefully, that money will cover the cost of his hospital bill with enough left over to but more tickets.

Source: FBHW

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